The Band Members

Duncan Adams

The North East of Scotland has a rich heritage of Fiddle players, and this has inspired Duncan as a player. Playing for a number of years, Duncan now studies music at North East Scotland College. In October 2017, he decided to change his passion into a career, and founded the North Of The Glens band. Duncan also has a lot of experience of playing with other ceilidh bands, such as Jiggery Pokery and Ru4Reel. He also has a good experience of dance calling, and can explain the dances for you.

Liam Lloyd

Playing Bagpipes for a number of years, both competitively and informally, Liam has achieved both 2nd and 3rd place in novice juvenile B category at the world pipeband championships, and has played in various different bands, one of which being non other than the Red Hot Chili Pipers.

Chris van der Wal

An enthusiastic and passionate musician, Chris has alot of experience as a performer. Chris also studies music at Aberdeen College, and performs regularly with many other up coming artists. Chris can play both the full drum kit, and the smaller Cajon box drum, which means the band can tailor our feel and volume to your event and the size of the venue. 

Charles Robertson

Hailing from Campbeltown on the west coast of Scotland, Charles grew up in a rich and vibrant folk culture. Since moving to Aberdeenshire, Charles has taken up to learning Gaelic and incorporates Gaelic, Scots and English songs in his repertoire. 

Cameron Gillies

Cameron has been present in Scotland’s folk scene for a number of years, first as an accordionist and now more prominently as a rhythm guitarist. Being both classically and traditionally trained as an accordionist, he has taken a similar approach in picking up the guitar. Balancing his musical and university commitments involves a 5-6 hour round trip from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, but he feels it’s more than worthwhile to be part of the band.

Joss Rhynd

Joss has worked his way through the music scene, and has worked with many bands and musicians local to Aberdeenshire as a musician. In 2015, Joss moved his attention to sound, working with many local bands as a Sound Engineer, some of which include the Clifton Vansleep and Single by Sunday.