What We Offer


With our talented team of musicians, we can offer a enjoyable and memorable ceilidh for your event. Even if you don't feel like dancing, our team can get you on the floor in no time. We offer all of the classics, from a Gay Gordons to a Strip the Willow. We even offer the less well known dances, including a Highland Schottische and the Eightsome Reel.

Folk Concert

If you'd prefer to sit back and listen to our band, and maybe tap your feet, then we can also play a folk concert at your event.  Our band can offer both an exciting and relaxing set of music for any occasion. We offer all kinds of traditional and folk music, from fiddle solos, to Scots and Gaelic songs, and even the Bagpipes, we will make the concert an entertaining and enjoyable one.

Dance Calling

If you don't know the dances at a ceilidh, don't worry, as our bands dance caller will explain the dances in a clear and understandable way. Even if you have no experience of ceilidh dancing, we will get you on the floor and dancing in no time.


You can also hire our bands piper for a competitive additional fee if you require for your event. They can pipe in the guests at your event, the bridal party at your wedding or any other requirements at your event.

Professional and Friendly Service

We pride ourselves in offering you a friendly service from experienced musicians. We make sure we cater for your wishes to the best of our abilities, to make your event what you want it to be. Every event is different, and we treat it as such, putting care and attention into the preparation for your one and giving you a professional service in the process.