Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you cost?

Every event is different, and we cater our price to your event and location. Inquire to us about your event and we will offer you a competitive rate for a professional service. 

How close to the event should I book?

As soon as possible. Booking us as soon as possible ensures that your chosen date is available and we can cater for the requirements of your event.

Do you explain the dances?

Yes, all of the dances that we play can be explained and we will always check that the dancers know what they are doing. Our experienced dance caller will explain the dances in a fun and enjoyable way and get you dancing.

Do you provide your own sound equipment?

We can provide all of the necessary sound equipment for your event at no extra cost. Our experienced sound engineer will create a good quality sound for the band with the equipment.

How long do you require to set up?

Ideally, we would look for between 45 minutes and an hour to set up and sound check all of our equipment to get the best possible sound from the band. We will require easy access to the stage or area we are setting up in to carry our equipment.