About Us

North Of The Glens is a five piece folk and ceilidh band, that is based in Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. With our team of talented and experienced musicians, we offer a high quality performance for your event. The services of our band is unique, as we can offer to play a Ceilidh, or a Folk concert at your event.

The Ceilidh Band

A ceilidh can be a great form of entertainment at your event, and our band can get you dancing on the floor. From a steady Gay Gordons, to an energetic Strip the Willow, we will make your event a fun and memorable one. We also view every ceilidh to be different, and we want to cater for your needs. Feel free to suggest what dances you would like us to play, and we'll tailor our set lists to your requirements. Don't worry if you don't know the dances, as our dance caller can explain all the dances for you.

The Folk Band

If you'd prefer to sit back and listen to some music, then we also offer ourselves as a Folk Band. From reels to slow airs, we can provide what your event needs. Our members are passionate about playing music, and use this to create a high quality and entertaining performance.